Medisun 6311 ISO


It is also possible to be treated while sitting.

medisun® 6311 ISO
 has more than 96 horizontally arranged UVB-311 lamps divided into 4 columns. This arrangement not only creates an optimal homogeneity, but also the possibility of dosing with 18 individual lamp fields. This allows for performance of the partial radiations, treatment while sitting and therapy of the hands and feet in addition to precisely dosed whole body exposure. Naturally, this also functions with the 24 UVA high pressure emitter in 18 lamp groups. The intelligent operating software calculates the optimal dosage quite simply using 5 individual body measurements of the patients. This makes it possible to avoid underdoses and overdoses. This means less expenditure of time and maximum safety for the staff. There is no room for making mistakes and all therapy data are automatically reliably documented.

Medisun® 6311-ISO includes all required total and partial radiation systems in one device. This saves space and cost. The unattained dosage precision of the ISODOSAGE sets a new high end standard for the treatment of all UV sensitive skin diseases. medisun 6311 ISO offers you all that you have always desired from a UV cabin.


The medisun® - ISODOSAGE.
A convincing strategy!

The major benefits are:

  • homogenous dose effect on the skin, independent of the body stature of the patients
  • no partial erythema, consequently the breaking or reduction of the dose is no longer required
  • no more partial underdoses, hence better therapy results
  • multi functional partial radiation possibilities for every individual skin area
  • MED – dependent therapy plans
  • Differential dosages, i.e. different dosages within the same exposure process
  • Possible to have treatment while sitting, i.e. in older and physically disabled patients.

Some additional partial radiation devices are superfluous because of the partial radiation possibilities. This saves cost and space.

Factoring of the distance from the skin to the light source

medisun® - Isodosage has been in use in university clinics and dermatological practices and has not been surpassed in the area of UV therapy up till now.