MEDIFA 400550- Gynaecologische onderzoekstafel



Examination and treatment chair for gynecology, urology and proctology 

For Gynocology exams these examination these chairs make it much easy for patients and their doctors and nurses. For added comfort the hand grips and a fixation device for the leg holder systems are set in to proper placement. The contemporary design allows for a wide array of patients to be comfortable during their exam, especially the elderly and handicapped patients. This chair comes in a wide array of colors to fit any type of exam room style. This is the best chair for the medical industry to offer quality exams for their staff. This chair offers the optimum cleaning and disinfection. The hand controls has a perfect color display and the foot control offers easy movement. The chair is sturdy and secure.


  • Cast aluminum base and pillar trim, powder-coated, white (RAL 9010)
  • Seat support and back frame made of polished stainless steel
  • Electric releases via easy-to-operate, separate footswitch
  • Electric releases via easy-to-use hand control with color display (Models 400550, 400570)
  • Ground leveling screws on the base for safe installation
  • Ergonomically shaped upholstery, padded 50 mm
  • Head and back pad segment prepared for receiving neck pad with magnetic attachment
  • Upholstery segments with plastic cover on the back
  • Paper roll holder for holding large paper rolls (up to 500 mm) on the back
  • Paper can be rolled over the backrest and seat upholstery or only over the seat upholstery
  • Mounting device for lateral guide rails (25 x 10 mm) for accessory reception, handholds and fastening device for leg holder according to Göpel on the pelvic section
  • Tray made of white plastic, extendable, tiltable, removable