Designed for you, with you

Imagine a way to change skin imaging forever. And shape the future of dermatology together. By having smarter ways of doing skin exams. By adding augmented insights when skin lesions are screened and analyzed. By sharing what you know with pioneers in the industry, working towards one goal: to improve the diagnosis of skin disease.
Because augmented and together, your expertise will reach further than ever.

Demetra is co-developed with leading dermatologists. A next-gen skin imaging platform, it comes with future groundbreaking deep learningalgorithms that will support clinical decisions in real time. As our community of experts grows, so will the power of this platform.

The best your patients can get

Demetra helps you provide top-notch care for your patients. It is carefully devised to perfect your screening routine and make your work dependable and reliable. So your reputation is that of a doctor patients can trust. Demetra is designed with patient safety in mind.

Affordable for everyone

Demetra is offered as a service, so there are no financial risks or big investments. It means you’ll get access to all the features and functionalities you need via a monthly fee. The pricing includes access to new features, dedicated support and regular refreshes of both software and hardware. Unmatched in the industry!

Dermat Demetra (Barco) 

Work smarter and faster

Demetra is extremely intelligent, capable of handling – and perfecting – every task in the skin examination. With just one device, dermatologists can take any kind of picture, from dermoscopic to clinical close-up and overview images. It also makes mapping, follow-up, and comparison of skin images smoother and smarter.