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Software: danaos expert system (mole measuring and analysis module

Productref: 201004-001.00

For the first time since the introduction of the
DANAOS expert system to the market in 1998 this
system is available to the dermatologist to provide
sound and objective statements on a skin lesion.
The system offers the medical practitioner practical
support in diagnosing for a quicker and more
reliable assessment of skin pigmentations.

The clinical requirements of dermatology have
shown that several features have to be included
when commenting on pigmented skin lesions,
using dermoscopic images. The widely used ABCD
rule considers asymmetry, border, colour and diameter
respectively dermoscopical parameters. An
increase in the diagnostic reliability, however, is
only possible by considering additional features.
The calculation of the DANAOS expert system is
based on the use of neural networks. These intelligent
structures can collect and evaluate even the
largest data volumes automatically within the
shortest time possible. Within a few seconds,
the software can calculate up to 40 features,
arranging them interdependently and summarizing
them into a classification value for an
assessment of risk.

The imaging properties of the microDERM

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