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DermaLab Combo

(Cortex Technology)

DermaLab® Combo Series
Fullfeatured multiparameter skin analysis with
up to ten skin parameters in one instrument.
Intuitive application software and wirelessly connected tablet for ease of operation.

In the DermaLab® Combo we have concentrated all our knowledge in one flexible concept with the goal to be able to offer all parameters in one instrument.
The result is an instrument, which for the first time offers skin ultrasound for instant skin assessment in combination with traditional skin parameters such as elasticity, hydration, sebum etc.

The DermaLab® Combo is a fully configurable skin analysis device based upon the same technologies being used in our DermaScan® and DermaLab® series, which have successfully proven their value as scientific research instruments.

Two configurations are available:

The SkinLab Combo for scientific skin analysis - ideal for product testing as well as research work.
Presents high accuracy measurements in standardized units.
The Clinique Combo - fulfills the need for non-invasive and objective skin assessment in aesthetic setups by presenting easy-to-understand results (scores) and easy-to-operate menus.
This configuration can easily be customized and adapted to specific product recommendations.

Both configurations share the same platform offering a Bluetooth connected tablet PC with storage capacity for thousands of measurements and virtually unlimited expansion capabilities.
Operation of the instrument is highly intuitive and fully touch-screen controlled, and measurements may easily be inserted into spreadsheets for further processing.